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Providing Auburn Pressure Washing With Experience!

Hey Auburn homeowners and business owners, have you discovered the secret to restoring the curb appeal and value of your property? Find out how Refyne Pressure Washing's pressure washing services can help you.

Are you tired of streaks on the side of your home? Disgusted by gum on your sidewalk? Sick of lichen growing on your roof? Stressed about overflowing and dingy gutters? Fed up with oil-spotted parking lots? Are you over the spots on your driveway?

Well, you can make all of those feelings go away in no time with the help of the professional pressure washing team at Refyne Pressure Washing. Whether you want to own the best-looking house on the block, prepare it for a new coat of paint, or want to make it stand out before you put it on the open market--we're here to help. Plus, we can help business owners by bringing back a level of sparkle to your storefront, and enticing more foot traffic through your doors.

We take a deep level of pride in our work--always putting the customer first. We offer several types of services and use not only outstanding pressure washing equipment, but will take on even the toughest to remove stains with our soft washing technique.

Soft Washing

The Benefits Of Our Soft Washing Technique

Sometimes dirt and grime make their way deep into concrete, wood, vinyl, or any of the other materials that make up your home, sidewalk/walkway, roof, or driveway. While the answer to tough stains or muck might feel like MORE POWER, the results of too much power can be devastating to the material we're trying to clean.

What's the best solution to tough to remove stains or fragile surfaces? Soft washing.

Soft washing is an effective technique that uses chemicals to break down the tough to remove stains, allowing us to simply rinse them away. While the thought of the use of chemicals on your home or business may seem dangerous, we can assure you that safety is our number one priority.

We use only eco-friendly chemicals, use field-tested rinsing methods to protect your surfaces, plants, pets, and children. The use of chemicals means less water to clean on the whole, and the surface will look cleaner, and longer. We at Refyne Pressure Washing consider that a win-win scenario.


Cities We Provide Services

Refyne Pressure Washing offers great service at an affordable rate to all of the following areas:


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Moss Removal, Roof, and Gutter Cleaning in Puyallup, WA

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Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in West Seattle, WA

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Roof Cleaning in Bonney Lake, WA

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

Yes. Our team of professional pressure washing technicians is trained to tackle the needs of any business. We'll clean the exterior of your building, the parking lot or garage, the sidewalks, and the dumpster pad. Got graffiti? It will be a distant memory after we've erased it with our powerful machines. Is old gum covering your sidewalks and parking area? We'll remove it all with ease, and leave your property looking better than ever.

We at Refyne Pressure Washing recommend that you utilize our house washing service once every two years. You'll see that the combination of the chemicals from our soft washing and the quality of the power washing from our top-of-the-line machines will not only give your home a level of clean you didn't think was will also last much longer than the typical power washer purchased from a big box store or local hardware store has to offer.

Safety is one of our biggest concerns at Refyne Pressure Washing. While we do not encourage kids or pets to play near the area our crew works on, while they are in the process of cleaning--it is safe after we finish our final rinse. We use only eco-friendly chemicals for our soft cleaning. Whether we're working on roof cleaning, house washing, or driveway washing, your kids and pets will be safe.

Yes. Like most of our friends and neighbors here in the Auburn area, we at Refyne Pressure Washing care deeply about the environment. As a result, we promise to use only eco-friendly chemicals for our soft washing. But we don't stop there. Our technicians are trained to work with extreme efficiency. Why is that important? When our teams work with great efficiency, they can minimize the amount of time our machines run. That means less gasoline is used, leaving less of a carbon footprint. It also means that we'll use less water--making as small an impact on our environment and natural resources as possible.

If you have more questions, or just want to know how pressure washing can help clean up your Auburn home or 253-347-5859 today for a free estimate.

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