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Refyne Pressure Washing Is Seattle's Top-Rated Pressure Washing Services


Looking to put some sparkle back in your Seattle home? Pressure washing services from Refyne Pressure Washing will bring back a glow to your home, property, or business. Just because Seattle invented grunge, it doesn't mean the homes should look grungey.

Refyne Pressure Washing is made up of professional pressure washing technicians who know how to bring out the best in buildings, parking lots, and anything else exposed to the elements twenty-four hours a day. We offer a variety of services ranging from:

  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Driveway Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Brightening
  • Commercial Pressure Washing

Not sure where to start? Let's take a closer look at two of our most popular services: house washing and roof cleaning.

House Washing Helps Upgrade Your Seattle Home

If you mention you're from Seattle to anyone who doesn't live in the Pacific Northwest, they're bound to ask you about the amount of rain you typically see. While we embrace our climate, it is also the ideal one for the growth of algae and mold. These two uninvited guests love to take advantage of your home's exterior.

The best way to expel your unwanted hangers-on is through our house washing system. Consisting of both pressure washing and soft washing, we ensure that every bit of dirt, grime, algae, and mold is removed from your home's exterior. We strive to make your home look the best it has in years.

While some companies may use harmful chemicals to attach deep-set dirt and grime, we use only eco-friendly chemicals so you won't have to worry about the safety of your plants, pets, or children. Even older homes are safe from potential damage from too much water pressure, thanks to our well-trained technicians who know to clean without robbing the integrity of any surface. After we're finished, your home's curb appeal will shoot through the roof.

Speaking of roofs, we offer a roof cleaning service that will protect the very part of the home that offers you the most protection.

Superior Roof Cleaning in Seattle

Imagine standing at the top of the Space Needle in downtown Seattle with a high-powered pair of binoculars. If you pointed them at your neighborhood, which homes would have the most neglected-looking roofs? Is yours one of them?

Owning the neighborhood's cleanest roof may not be a title that's particularly exciting. Owning a roof that's been overtaken by lichen, algae, or mold would be alarming. These small but mighty organisms can break down the shingles of your roof, exposing your home to catastrophic damage.

Refyne Pressure Washing's roof cleaning will rid your roof of harmful materials while making it look years younger. Regular roof cleaning can add years to the life of your roof saving you thousands in either repairs or eventual replacement.

Make your home safer and the best-looking one on the block with the help of Refyne Pressure Washing. Call 253-347-5859 for a free estimate on your Seattle home from Refyne Pressure Washing today!

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