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Auburn's House Washing To Freshen Up Your Home's Exterior

House washing

How does your house look today? Auburn homeowners know house washing is key to a clean home. What can Refyne Pressure Washing do to help freshen your home's appearance?

At Refyne Pressure Washing we pride ourselves on being known for pressure washing for Auburn, but we want you to know about some of our other methods for keeping our city clean. Not only do we excel with pressure washing--our crews are experts at soft washing too. That gives us the perfect one-two punch for what your home needs.

Our knowledgeable service providers will use just the right chemicals to rid your home of hard-to-remove dirt and mildew without the risk of damaging your home's exterior with high-pressure water. We do our best to ensure that the chemicals we use to keep your plants, grass, pets, and children safe as well when completing your house washing.

Residential Exterior Surface Cleaning

As a homeowner, you probably focus your energy on keeping a clean home on the inside. Unfortunately, that means many house exteriors are largely ignored. Without regular house washing, homes are prone to many harmful attackers.

  • Dirt
  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Pollen
  • Pests
  • Fungus

The appearance of any of the above can lead to serious health hazards for you and your family--especially if they have a long enough reign on the exterior of your home to eventually make their way inside. A visit from Refyne Pressure Washing's house washing experts can make your home safe again.

Homeowner Pride

Besides making your home safe from allergens and pests, house washing will improve how you feel about your home--making it look years or even decades younger. You'll be amazed at just how drastic the results are from a little help from Refyne Pressure Washing. That's especially true if you pair house washing with our driveway washing.

Are you considering repainting your home? Before you prepare your rollers, sprayers, or paint brushes--be sure to prep your home first. The only way to ensure the best results from new paint is to make sure your home's exterior is clean for better paint bonding.

Maybe you're considering putting your house on the market. A quick and inexpensive way to add to the value of your home is house washing. It will add some serious curb appeal and a higher asking price than what you'd get with a dingy home.

If you're ready to drive up to a beautiful home after a long day of work, call 253-347-5859 today for a free estimate from Refyne Pressure Washing.

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