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Sidewalk Cleaning To Brighten Up Your Auburn Walking Paths

Sidewalk cleaning

When it comes to sidewalk cleaning in Auburn, Refyne Pressure Washing is your go-to company. We pride ourselves in being the most reliable and effective pressure washing company for Auburn and the surrounding area.

Whether you're concerned about the appearance of the walking path leading to the door of your home, or the sidewalk that lines the storefront of your business -- Refyne Pressure Washing has a sidewalk cleaning system that is right for you.

Pro Walkway Washing Services

Sidewalks bear the brunt of countless footsteps. Whether they feel the familiar steps of you and your family venturing in and out of the house, or the weary steps of the delivery driver bringing something exciting to your door -- your sidewalk works endlessly.

On the soles of all the shoes that walk over your sidewalk are dirt and grime. Over time these can lead to stains. Worse still, the grime and dirt can break down the structure of your sidewalk. Soon you'll be faced with unsightly cracks and breaks.

Once your sidewalk begins to crack, it can become a treacherous place to walk. Repairs can be costly, ineffective, or both! Preventing the breakdown of your sidewalk is key.

Revitalizing Your Sidewalk or Walkway

If you are a homeowner who would like to make the walkway to your front door more inviting (especially after making your house look great with our house washing service), or the paved path around your home stand out more--we have the answer to your woes. It's our soft washing solution.

We use a combination of plant-safe chemicals to bring out the deep-set grime from the concrete of your walkway, and then rinse it away with just the right amount of pressure from our professional-grade machines. Our team will keep the vegetation near your walkways safe throughout our cleaning by watering them before and after our treatment to spare them from contact with our chemicals. We can even cover nearby furniture or delicate plants with plastic to protect them from our work.

We also offer our sidewalk cleaning service to businesses. Don't let gum, grime, or graffiti deter your customers. Let us help make your storefront more inviting with our detail-focused technicians.

What are you waiting for? Refyne Pressure Washing is here to make your sidewalk or walkway look like a million bucks. Call 253-347-5859 today to find out how Refyne Pressure Washing can help with our sidewalk cleaning today with a free estimate.


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