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The Top Five Signs It's Time to Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning

Auburn residents know that here in the Pacific Northwest--there will be rain. The question we have to ask is where does all the rain go once it hits our roof? If everything is in working condition on the exterior of your home, the rain should roll down the roof, into your gutters, and away from your home's foundation.

Sadly, gutters can't always do what they were designed to because they also are great at catching dirt, leaves, sticks, and that frisbee you were sure wouldn't get stuck up there. Unless you enjoy spending your precious free time climbing a ladder around your house, removing crud, moving the ladder, repeat...Refyne Pressure Washing has a better solution for you, and it's not just pressure washing. But first, let's examine the state of your gutters.

Get Your Mind In The Gutter

None of the following things will win you an award for the best house on the block, but even the busiest homeowner needs to be aware of the following:

  1. Overflowing rainwater. Take a look outside the next time it rains. If the water is running over the top of your gutters, it means there's not enough space for it to follow the natural track of the gutters and out the downspout.
  2. Sagging gutters. If dirt, debris, and leaves are allowed to really stack up inside your gutters and then collect water--your gutters will begin to struggle with the weight. If the increased weight lingers too long, your gutters could collapse!
  3. Standing water near your home's foundation. Clogged gutters can push the overflow of rainwater down to the ground near your walls. If the water pools there, it can put pressure on your home's foundation as the dirt turns to mud and expands. Worse still, winter rains that can freeze as the temperature drops can lead to cracks in your foundation in this same process.
  4. Your gutters are home to local wildlife. While they may be cute and fun to watch, squirrels and birds shouldn't feel at home on your home. If you see woodland creatures (including rats) hanging out on your roof, it means there is enough debris for nest building. For those keeping score, nests are more troublesome than just wet leaves for your gutters.
  5. Roof garden. Even people with the brownest of thumbs can successfully grow a variety of plants with literally no effort. Unfortunately, the plants we're referring to enjoy the rich organic life of the fresh compost, complimented by plenty of rain and sunlight--all from the less-than-ideal location of your gutter. If you see weeds or small trees thriving in your gutter, it is time to do something about it.

So maybe you were nodding along to one or two of the items on the list. Don't panic. Refyne Pressure Washing is here to save the day. We offer a gutter cleaning & brightening package that will knock all five signs your gutters need some help. That's right, we do much more than pressure washing.

Act now, before your gutters lose the battle to leaves, dirt, and debris. Call 253-347-5859 for a free estimate today.


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