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Roof Cleaning in Federal Way, WA

Roof cleaning

Erik sent me a message on Facebook to capitalize on a moss removal special we had going at the time. I went out there to look at the moss in his roof and assured him we were the company to remove it safely and effectively without damaging his shingles in any way. I then proceeded to give a quote and he wanted to get on our schedule for the following week. When removing the moss off of his roof we used a gentle nylon brush to remove it from his roof and not damage his asphalt shingles in any way. After removing the moss we then cleaned his gutters, and lastly rinsed his house of any debris that could have gotten in it and cleaned up his yard. Erik was a very satisfied customer whom wants to use us again in the future. I’m glad we could restore his roof and as many years to the life of it. Thanks Erik for choosing Refyne to remove the moss off of your roof!

Service: Roof Cleaning


Client Review

These guys did a wonderful job of cleaning and treating our roof for moss. Great communicators and reliable. I highly recommend them for any exterior cleaning services. I had a choice to have them brighten my gutters but didn't go with it but no doubt that they would have done a phenomenal job on that as well. Will for sure be calling upon them again when the time comes!

- Erik P |


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