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Roof Cleaning in Kent, WA

One of our customers Narinder reached out with a request for moss removal for his roof. That same day we got over to his house to check it out and give him a quote. We agreed on a number and we scheduled him for later in the week. When we got to the top of his roof we quickly realized the side that we couldn't see from ground level was completely covered in moss. For us, that is no problem and we were quick to hop on the issue and remove all of this moss. When removing the moss we always ensure to do it very gently with a nylon brush to not damage any shingles in the process. After we removed all of the existing moss on his house, we treated his roof with a very generous amount of zinc. Zinc is extremely toxic for moss growth and will prevent it from coming back by alkalizing your roof. Lastly, we cleaned up any moss that fell off of his roof, threw it into the yard waste container, and now we were complete. Our company left with a very happy customer who told us he would be recommending us to his friends and family. We greatly appreciate our customers and we were very happy to build yet another happy customer. Thank you for letting us work on your home Narinder!

Products Used

Zinc powder, Moss out, Nylon brush

Client Review

I got my roof cleaned by Josh. He did an amazing job was super friendly and respectful. Would recommend to anyone looking to get the roof cleaned. He worked really hard and did quality work!

- Narinder S. |


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