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Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in West Seattle, WA



Refyne Pressure Washing was a local company that specialized in removing moss and debris from roofs. One day, the company received a call from a customer named Sophia who was living in West Seattle. Sophia was struggling with a roof that was covered in moss, and she was having trouble managing it. The huge trees surrounding her yard made it easy for moss to grow, and she was afraid of heights, so she had never cleaned her roof before.

Josh, the owner of Refyne Pressure Washing, visited Sophia's home to assess the situation. When he arrived, he was shocked by the extent of the moss growth on the roof. It was one of the worst roofs he had ever seen, and he knew that Sophia needed professional help.

Josh explained to Sophia that his team would use a gentle nylon brush and special chemicals to remove the moss and prevent it from growing back. He reassured her that his team was highly trained and experienced, and that they would take care of everything for her. Sophia was grateful for Josh's help and she was glad that Refyne Pressure Washing was a local company that could help her with her problem.

Josh and his team got to work, carefully removing the moss from the roof using a gentle nylon brush. They cleared the gutters and treated the roof with a special solution to kill any remaining moss and prevent it from growing back. The team worked efficiently and professionally, ensuring that Sophia's roof was in pristine condition.

Sophia was overjoyed with the results. She was amazed by the transformation of her roof, and she was grateful for Josh and his team's hard work. She was also relieved that she wouldn't have to worry about the moss growing back in the future.

In conclusion, Refyne Pressure Washing was a professional and reliable roof cleaning company that provided excellent service to its customers. Sophia was a satisfied customer who would definitely recommend the company's services to others. With its gentle nylon brush and professional technique, Refyne Pressure Washing was the perfect solution for anyone with a moss-covered roof who was afraid of heights.

Service: Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal


Client Review

They were prompt and provided amazing service. Moss removal, roof cleaned and gutters cleared. Highly recommend!!

- Lori |


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