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Roof Cleaning in Spanaway, WA

Oscar, the owner of the home, called me to inform me he had moss on his roof and he needed his roof cleaned. of course, with our specialty in roof cleaning and especially being the best at removing moss, we were very quick to take action. Within a week we had him scheduled out to clean his roof. Upon arrival, we noticed the roof was a bit higher than normal and needed a 32' ladder to get to the top, which is no problem for Refyne. When we had reached the top we immediately noticed that there was in fact a bad moss infestation, and a lot more than you could see from the ground. We documented the roof with pictures to provide them as before and afters so the customer could see the roof cleaning get done and all of the moss removed. we also provided pictures and videos of the gutters getting cleaned for Oscar. Our next step was to tie off and get to work. we put on the lanyard, hooked into the anchor on the roof and started gently removing the moss from the roof with a nylon brush. Within a few hours we had removed all of the moss, cleaned the roof, and cleaned gutters. Oscar was a very pleased customer once again. We love to make our customers happy and serve them whenever they need it. thank you for letting clean your roof and clean your gutters Oscar!

Service: Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning


Products Used

Zinc Powder, Moss out, Nylon Brush

Client Review

Josh was great! Awesome job on my roof and will recommend his services to my neighbors, family, and friends. Five stars all the way. Thank you Josh!!

- Oscar |


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