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Roof Cleaning in Tacoma, WA

Roof cleaning

Brian sent us a message saying he needed his roof and gutters cleaned. Right away, I walked him through our unique process to cleaning his Roof + Gutters and convinced him we are the best company equipped for the job. Brian had years of moss growth on his roof, he told me he never got it cleaned since he bought the house. We first removed the moss very gently with a nylon brush. There is a technique we use that protects the shingles from any abrasiveness that can occur when removing moss. after we removed the moss, we then soft-washed his roof. He had such an intense moss growth on his roof that underneath all of it he had a serious algae issue. Algae has to get taken care of with a special mix of chemicals that we call a "soft-wash". lastly we topped off his roof with a generous amount of zinc to raise the alkalinity of his roof to prevent any future moss growth. we advised Brian to treat it every 6 months with zinc to make sure his roof stays healthy. And just like that, within an afternoon his roof went from barely visible to looking brand new.


Products Used

Zinc, Sodium Hypochlorite, Surfactant

Client Review

I had Josh and Refyne Pressure Washing clean the roof and gutters on my rental house. He did a great job not only cleaning the roof but his communication and punctuality is exactly the way a business should be run. I will definitely use him on other projects. Thanks again Josh.

- Brian A |


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