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Home Improvements and Deck Cleaning in Tacoma, WA

Home Improvements and Deck Cleaning in Tacoma, WA

This was one of our recent projects in Tacoma Washington, Browns point to be more specific. This project was a big one to say the least. Kim Hoffman, a local realtor had found us by a quick google search. Once she had found found us, within 24 hrs we were on the property to look over all the details and to provide an accurate quote, and most importantly to walk Kim through our process and our plan on cleaning the property. It needed to get done on a timely manner due to it getting put on the market relatively soon. In the scope of work was 3 decks to clean, 3 roofs to clean, and 3 house washes. Attached below are the photos of the deck portion of the job. This is all done with highly trained professionals that have the knowledge on how to clean wood or decking without damaging it. If you are in need of any Pressure washing service or soft-washing, look no further than Refyne Pressure Washing!

Service provided: Pressure Washing Company

Location: Tacoma, WA

Project Image Gallery

Client Review

Josh worked very hard to get the best results for our property. He went above and beyond to complete more areas and spent more time at our property. I would highly recommend him!

- Kim Hoffman |


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