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Roof Cleaning in Bonney Lake, WA

Refyne Pressure Washing was a professional roof cleaning company that specialized in removing moss and other debris from roofs. One day, the company received a call from a customer named Lori who was concerned about the growth of moss on her roof. The moss not only made her roof look unsightly, but it was also damaging the shingles.

Josh, the owner of Refyne Pressure Washing, visited Lori's home to assess the situation. He found that the roof was covered in a thick layer of moss, and the gutters were clogged with leaves and debris. Josh explained to Lori that the moss needed to be removed and treated to prevent it from growing back. He told her that his team would use a gentle nylon brush instead of water pressure to clean the moss, which would prevent any damage to the roof.

Josh and his team got to work, removing the moss from the roof using a gentle nylon brush. They carefully removed the moss and cleared the gutters, ensuring that the roof and gutters were in pristine condition. The team then treated the roof with a special solution to kill any remaining moss and prevent it from growing back.

Lori was extremely satisfied with the results. She was impressed with Josh and his team's attention to detail and the quality of their work. The roof looked beautiful, and she was happy to know that the treatment would prevent moss from growing back in the future.

Josh reminded Lori that it was important to have her roof treated every six months to maintain its appearance and prevent damage from moss. Lori was grateful for Josh's advice and promised to have her roof cleaned and treated regularly.

In conclusion, Refyne Pressure Washing was a professional and reliable roof cleaning company that provided excellent service to its customers. Lori was a satisfied customer who would definitely use the company's services again in the future.

Service: Roof Cleaning


Products Used

Zinc, Sodium hypochlorite, Surfactant, Nylon Brush

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