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Roof Cleaning in Renton, WA

I had received a call from a customer regarding a gutter clean and a complimentary roof (zinc) treatment. This was a special deal we were advertising at the time. So, a few days later when i went out to the customers house to treat it, I hopped up on the roof and saw nothing but moss. I didn't hesitate to take pictures and inform the homeowner of the problem at hand. i very quickly grabbed my gentle nylon brush and started brushing it off of the roof. After brushing it off we then cleaned out all of the gutters. Our next step was to then treat the roof with our favorite moss preventative (Zinc) it is toxic for moss and algae growth, it raises the alkalinity of the roof. There was a ton of cleanup that needed to take pace. We filled up the entire yard waste container full of moss! Now for the final touch, a quick house rinse and we were finished. Our customer was so pleased with the results she quickly recommended us to her co-worker, and she signed up for our moss preventative system.

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